Brian Kennedy Global

Phone: (214) 906-8517

We exist to glorify God by providing all people the opportunity to achieve championship performance levels in their business, on their jobs, in their lives. We do this through identity theft risk management programs, speaking, and coaching. As a result, the businesses we work with, and the employees of those businesses perform at higher levels, achieving their goals.

Phone: (214) 906-8517

SMALL BUSINESS SERVICES: Provide legal and business consulting for business owners, including identity theft risk management processes, legal and identity theft services, voluntary employee benefits resulting in more work productivity and reduced absenteeism due to legal and ID Theft related issues. 

COACHING: Provide business owner and key management with top level mentoring, encouraging our clients to achieve championship performance levels, enabling them to live fuller lives.

SPEAKER: Provide keynote addresses and workshops, teaching audiences the why, how, and what of championship performance levels.