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  • Let's face it, people start businesses for a specific purpose with desired outcomes. At Brian Kennedy Global we believe that a business cannot operate at championship performance levels if the business owner and executives are bogged down in legal and business issues that take their focus away from the main thing, operating and growing the business. 

    Brian Kennedy Global works with businesses of all sizes. Here's how...

    • Identity Theft Risk Management
      • Voluntary Employee Benefits
        • Identity Theft: There are five kinds of identity theft (Financial, Social Security Number, Driver's License, Medical, Criminal), and three types of identity theft protection services (Reimbursement[Insurance], Resolution [Counseling and Guidance], Restoration [Counseling, Guidance, and Full Restoration Services provided for the victim]), which help the employees focus on their work and productivity.
        • Legal Support: Employees have access to lawyers when they need to talk with one for an investment of less annually than one hour of a lawyer's time, which helps employees rest easier and focus on their work. 
      • Talent Selection: Conducting integrity assessments help screen out employees who have issues with Integrity, Reliability, Work Ethic, and Substance Abuse. These assessments not only tell you what kind of attitudes the applicant has, you can also offer assessments to determine the correct fit for the job.   
    • Leadership Development
      • Marketing
      • Sales
      • Talent Development