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"Our team just completed Brian’s “Relationships to Results Seminar and follow up phone series, and does it ever have the team excited and motivated to grow! Brian’s experience in networking and marketing shines during his presentations. Numerous stories pertinent to the topic allow real word examples with results of how networking is critical to the long-term growth of both the individual and the organization. The approach and attitude he had encouraged participation during the entire seminar, and was critical to achieving our  goal of bringing up the entire team’s acumen. We look forward to working with Brian in the future, and it’s going to be a better future because of his efforts with our team." ~ D Manfredini, Servpro, NC

"I have experienced the gift of Coach Kennedy in many extensive Goal Planning workshops. I learned the difference between a “to do list” and a “New Year’s Resolution” and the time, commitment and system of setting goals to accomplish goals in all areas of my life. I participate a monthly international call where Brian’s insight, humor, love of God, and edgy authenticity brings to surface the things you deserve to know, not things that tickle your ears. He brings his gifts and passion to help people see life from a fresh, new perspective." ~ Kimberly, Entrepreneur, CA 

"Brian is an extraordinary coach! Brian’s positive attitude is impossible to miss and permeates his coaching. What started as a teleconference goal-setting workshop several years ago has led to an ongoing mentoring relationship that has encouraged and nurtured my business and professional growth in many ways. Brian is very sincere in his desire to help others achieve success and his coaching skills set him apart. I highly recommend Brian to anyone who is seeking success in their business." ~ Kathy, Small Business Consultant, IA

"Brian is an amazing individual who has helped me tremendoulsy in both my personal and professional life. He understands the power of networking and how to help others understand it as well. He is a tremendous coach and speaker that motivates the individual or group to take action. I have had the pleasure to see him speak on several occasions and would enthusiatically recommend him to any company that is looking to improve the performance of their group. Brian is a giver first, a trait that many business professionals should consider in how they approach business. I continue to work with Brian in helping my business and my network grow." ~ Jim Fuhs, Consultant NC

"Special thanks to Brian Kennedy who did a fantastic presentation this morning at the AM RT Event." - - Pete, Director Small Business Roundtables, NC 

"WOW! Way over what I expected. It made me think" -- Small Business Owner, NC  

"Great ideas from a fresh point of view." -- Small Business Owner, NC 

Brian is an excellent life coach and speaker, who can make a difference" -- Aileen, Entrepreneur, VA

"My energy level has increased since working on my goals in the past 3 weeks, and I'm not afraid of adding too many things on my list of adventures. -- Connie, Entrepreneur, CA

"Brian is a goal oriented individual who's energy is contagious. Brian provides great results, is personable, and is of high integrity. Thank you!" -- Jennifer, Small Business Owner - NC

"Your goals workshop allowed me to blossom where I had been planted and it helped me to recognize my purpose in life and understand the value of my dreams. I thank you for the opportunity to be involved in your program. I pray that others can benefit just as much." - - Kristy, Teacher - TX

"Let me begin by saying how much I enjoyed the webinar. I thought Brian did a wonderful job of bringing the material to life and making it relevant to everyone." - - Cheryl, Consultant - CA

"Brian provided great ideas from a fresh point of view." -- Small Business Owner in Washington, NC

"Great! Just what I was looking for." -- Small Business Owner in Washington, NC

"Brian's experience and knowledge has really helped me in my business. He is a great addition to any small business. I highly recommend Brian Kennedy Global!" - - Jim, President Construction Company, Morehead City, NC 

"Brian is an excellent life coach and speaker who can make a difference" -- Aileen Baker, Entrepreneur, Fairfax, VA 

"Thank you Brian, you are an answer to several years of prayer, mostly because I'm receptive and positioned to receive.  My energy level has increased since working on my goals in the past 3 weeks, and I'm not afraid of adding too many things on my list of adventures (was a "to do" list).   May the Lord multiply your giving back to you 100 fold." - - Connie Solis, Entrepreneur, Los Angeles, CA

"Brian is a networking associate that I hold in the highest regard; his extensive knowledge of all aspects of business ownership is exceeded only by his willingness to help others in the business community exceed their goals. I highly recommend him as someone who can help their business achieve new levels of success!" -- Steve Dreyer, Small Business Owner, Steven Dreyer Design

"Brian is one of the most talented, and positive, problem solvers I have had the opportunity to work with, but his commitment and desire to help people, is what sets him apart. If you are looking to work with Brian, prepare yourself to be impressed with his ideas, commitment, and follow-through. He's one of a kind." -- Mike Cooper , Business Consultant, Atlanta, GA 

"Brian has a knack for understanding each business he comes in contact with. His extensive business background makes him knowledgeable about challenges that small businesses face and he has found many solutions to assist companies in overcoming those challenges. The solutions he has recommended for our company have been right on target - he listened to our needs and he cares about our success." Brian is personable, an expert, and operates with high integrity" -- Christine McCoy, Small Business Owner, Wilmington, NC

"Brian is a goal oriented individual who's energy is contagious. As a person he has helped give my business tools to succeed along with tips and insight along the way. The excitement and desire to network he has shared has been a huge asset. Brian provides great results, is personable, and is of high inte grity. Thank you!" -- Jennifer Harmon, Small Business Owner,  Jacksonville, NC

"My relationship with Brian Kennedy has served to be mutually profitable. His knowledge allowed us to help my client achieve their organizational goals. He is a true team player and also was instrumental in orchestrating a special sales training session for the members of the local Sales and Marketing Group. He is a true networker and team player that knows how to initiate and execute." -- Mary Anne Wihbey Davis, Owner/President, Dallas, TX

"Signing up for a seminar with Brian at Be Invinceable Group was the first step on an exciting journey. That journey began with learning how to create specific goals for my business. Along the path I summoned up the courage to write down some big, scary goals for myself. I owe Brian a debt of gratitude. Because of his ongoing mentorship I have accomplished many of those goals." -- John O'Grady, Manager - PPC Optimization Team, Dallas, TX